1- Concrete

Incompatible concrete mixtures and practices are the most frustrating component of any decorative stained concrete project. Many builders and clients learn of these incompatibilities too late in the process.

For example:

  1. Calcium Chloride may be added to the concrete mixture in the winter months to cause it to generate more heat and setup more quickly in cold environments. This chemical produces a concrete floor which is nearly impossible to dry thoroughly enough for successiful sealer application. The use of calcium chloride must be avoided at all costs. There are other additives available to protect the concrete from cold temperatures.
  2. Current building codes require a vapour barrier beneath concrete floors inside homes. The performance of coatings on concrete floors not protected from moisture by a proper vapourbarrier can not be warrantied and risk failure resulting from vapour pressure caused by moisture migration.
  3. Concrete must be free from grease, oils, spray foam, paint, and sealers. Any of these products will intefere with the penetration of the concrete stain and may compromise the appearance and durability of your floor.

It is important to get Millroi Construction Services involved in your project as early as possible to assist in properly planning to avoid these common misteps.

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