Polished Concrete

“Polished Concrete” often describes what we do, however it only refers to the final steps of a larger system. The industry views it as “Concrete Processing”, which entails some or all of the following steps

  1. Coarse grinding to remove any paint, tile mortar, or coatings and flatten a concrete floor
  2. Additional coarse grinding may be required to incrase “aggregate exposure” this terminology refers to the quantity and size of visible stone in the flattened concrete surface.
  3. Numerous grinding and honing steps to transform the surface from a sandpaper texture to one that is smooth to touch.
  4. Patching may be required to correct voids or imperfections on the floor.
  5. Colorant may be applied at this stage to change the hue of the concrete without masking the natural appearance of the sand and aggregates within.
  6. Chemical densifiers are added to the concrete to reactivate the cementicious components, causing them to liquify and fill many of the pores within the concrete surface. This hardens the concrete to provide higher durability and lower porosity.
  7. Polishing steps machine the floor to a brilliant  sheen.
  8. Stain Guard is applied after the final polish to improve stain resistance.

www.polishedconcrete.org offers excellent examples of polished concrete floors